Dates soon to be announced for Elan North & South and Ricochet Test marches. THOSE WHO DARE NOTHING…NEED HOPE FOR NOTHING….WHO DARES WINS


Attendance and completion of both the Fan Dance and the Test March Training Day detailed on this page are prerequisites for attempting any of the Test Marches or Lodestone Series. Once completed it will serve as a qualifier for all six tests and not need to be repeated. Completion of a test march will also allow entry to the Escape & Evasion live exercise.


The purpose of a qualifying Training Day is to ensure the best mountain safety practice of all attempting a Test March. Owed to the demands and rigorous of these events a training program has been devised with the objective of preparing the candidate to undertake arduous physical testing across demanding mountain terrain, often during unpredictable and adverse weather conditions, whilst maintaining the ability to operate fully self-sustained and able to react and respond to any emergency scenario. The Training Day will ensure the student is familiar with and well drilled in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as used on the real Special Forces Selection course.


Those course outline will be modelled on the UK Special Forces Briefing Course and will cover the following key areas but not be limited to:


Our DS & Wilderness & Expeditionary Medicine Team Doctor provides theory and practical instruction on preserving life and treating injuries in adverse and demanding conditions when far from medical help. Hands on scenarios will offer insight on how best to adapt using the clothing & equipment supplies at your disposal, through means of improvisation and awareness of the surrounding environment.


Our Signals Officers with support from the Directing Staff will provide theory and technical instruction in the function and operation of military grade two-way radio units. Voice Procedure and radio discipline will form the bedrock of the instruction so that all radio carriers are able to effectively call in and respond to real time emergencies out on the ground.


The Directing Staff team will share their experience through lectures and practical exercises to demonstrate the best techniques of conserving energy whilst operating in harsh environments. The focus will be on effective and proven methods of preserving life and health in instances of injury, becoming lost or over exposure. The instruction will cover Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and how to make optimal use of your immediate surroundings and the clothing & equipment supplies at your disposal in order to optimise safety and survival under conditions of duress and in adverse weather conditions


The Directing Staff team will provide theory & practical exercises in the art of Land Navigation. The instruction will also over the basics of Cartography and help the student develop a greater understanding and appreciation for route selection and how to use the features and landscape to ones advantage in order to reach hard to find RV points.



A set of specially designed electronic training documents will be distributed to all registered persons. This measure is to ensure that all candidates can carry out prior planning, preparation and training in order to maximise the potential for success. The emphasis will be on Land Navigation but will cover numerous other elements associated to the challenge.


Hill Fitness & Land Navigation: Our team of former SAS & SBS run regular outdoor training sessions throughout the UK. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels are catered for. More Information is available on the Land Navigation& Hill Fitness page.


The organisational foundations of the qualifying Training Day and its associated test marches are built around a team of former members of the British Special Forces. Specifically, our instructors have all served in the Special Air Service or Special Boat Service, which by definition means they have completed either the SAS & SBS regular or reserve Selection course and have global training and operational experience. Having a combination of experienced soldiers who have undertaken both the regular and reserve Selection courses, as well as having instructed on Training Wing leaves our team uniquely and strongly positioned within the civilian world to deliver not only the most appropriate, but arguably among the highest standard of relevant specialist training in the UK. A contingent of former members of the UK Government Security Services, the army's SRR (Special Reconnaissance Regiment), the Australian SAS Regiment and Signals specialists also serve as a force multiplier to the core DS component, further adding new dynamics to existing levels of capability and placing them as a market leader in the world of endurance events, outdoor military training, adventure and Wilderness & Expeditionary Medicine.


The Training Day is typically a one day residential course although "on the day" attendance is welcome. Outdoor Education & Activity Centres serve as the Training Day & Test March Base Camp as well as providing food and accommodation options. Avalanche Endurance Events administrate and process bookings on behalf of all patrons but do not profit from food & accommodation packages. As a guide indoor accommodation has typically been achieved at a price of £20 per night and £10 for camping. Cooked breakfasts & evening meals are also available at additional cost, which can vary from venue to venue.

It is standard that the qualifying Training Day is staged on the same weekend as a Test March rather than in isolation, but the option to attend the Training Day only will be welcomed


Training Day Fees are currently set at £90 through Paypal and £85 via bank transfer, not inclusive of optional food or accommodation.

To register for the next Training Day only please click on the link below which will take you to the Registration page. Alternatively, contact us to request bank transfer details which are your more economic payment option. Payment by Paypal through the Registration page will incur the facilities fund recipient fee which will be passed back onto the payer.

Be advised that optional food & accommodation can be booked through us or our hosts upon announcement of the venue and receipt of Joining Instructions