Dates soon to be announced for Elan North & South and Ricochet Test marches. THOSE WHO DARE NOTHING…NEED HOPE FOR NOTHING….WHO DARES WINS


Since 2014 our team of former SAS & SBS instructors have ran a series of Special Forces orientated Land Navigation & Hill Fitness Training Days at various locations throughout the UK. Modelled on actual Special Air Service & Special Boat Service Selection aptitude build up training our Directing Staff team are able to deliver the highest standard of technical instruction alongside an uncompromising dedication to health and fitness experienced through nature and our great outdoor spaces. True to the traditions of Special Forces Selection and its unique approach to training our instructor's aim is to provide both nourishment for the mind as well as demanding and realistic physical conditioning, with a particular focus on endurance.

From the outset Avalanche Endurance Events have strived to distance their delivery and level of service away from the standard military fitness or boot camp model. All of the training days take place across dramatic and mostly mountainous landscapes or wild and challenging hilly terrain in beautiful areas of open countryside. Each region has its own dedicated former SAS or SBS instructor(s) with their own unique approach and methodology based on their personal experiences of Special Forces soldiering. The training days aren't confined to fitness and map & compass work alone, the Directing Staff will also share their own top tips for field craft and survival in extreme conditions, as well as interesting and often amusing anecdotes from their own time on Selection.


The training days seek to develop and enhance the levels of self-sufficiency, confidence and physical fitness of all taking part. Various techniques alongside proven formula will give you the skills to operate in isolation and in harsh environments and be in a position to plan and execute independent outdoor adventures and small scale expeditions. More than anything these training days seek to inspire and to provide a strong sense of wellbeing through a reconnection with nature along with increased levels of awareness to our surroundings. Our Training Days are far removed from anything else out there and in striving to keep the Special Forces spirit alive, they are one of the purest and most rewarding ways to develop strength, fitness and mental toughness.

The Training Day typically consists of the following with additional evolutions varying from Novice to Advanced levels:

  • Map & Compass work,
  • Micro navigation
  • Long Range Navigation
  • Improvised navigation
  • Night navigation
  • Cartography
  • Field Craft
  • Heart & lungs fitness
  • Endurance and stamina


Our Directing Staff are available for one to one and small group tuition (up to a max of four), ranging from novice to advanced map reading and navigation techniques and extending to all levels of physical ability. One to one or small group training days are the optimal way to derive the greatest benefit from the Directing Staff expertise.


Our land navigation night exercises are among our most physically and mentally demanding, but popular training sessions. Our Instructors will share their skills in the art of navigating across arduous terrain in complete darkness and how to stay safe and conserve energy in adverse weather conditions and limited ambient light levels. While open to all levels the night training sessions are both physically and mentally taxing, but ideal preparation for Fan Dance High Moon and the Black Thursday Selection Test event.


Avalanche Endurance Events are proud of their standing at the apex of the entire UK military fitness industry. Our pledge is to deliver the highest standard of outdoor training and to uphold the SAS Regimental ethos of humility, discipline, humour and the unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Staged across dramatic and mountainous landscapes the principal areas of operation are in the SAS Selection heartlands of the Brecon Beacons and the Elan Valley

Many of our additional Training Day locations are also used by the Special Air Service and elite units such as the Royal Marines Commandos. Among the list below are some of our DS's own personal favourites which they used as geographically convenient training grounds in preparation for Selection. Dates & Locations are typically announced on the Avalanche Endurance Events facebook page, but you don't need to have a personal account to view our content.

  • New Radnor
  • The Black Mountains
  • Sennybridge
  • South Downs
  • New Forest
  • Surrey Hills
  • Howgills
  • Cheviots
  • Otterburn
  • Dartmoor
  • Lake District
  • Scotland
  • Shropshire Hills
  • Chilterns
  • Saddleworth Moor
  • Peak District:
  • Glossop
  • Kinder Scout


Just how good are these Training Days? The baromoter that measures the level of training and instruction we are able to offer is set by some of the world's most demanding elite unit Selection courses; namely P Company, the Commando Tests and UK Special Forces Selection. Our Directing Staff have trained a number of candidates who have succesfully gone on to pass these tests and join the Parachute Regiment, Royal Marines Commandos and the SAS & SBS Reserves. If you have the determination to succeed, the right temperament and would like to join UK Special Forces, our team of Directing Staff are past masters at getting the right people up to the required lofty high standards.


To take part contact us through the website's CONTACT page or write to the Directing Staff at Remember, dates and locations are updated weekly on the Avalanche Endurance Events facebook page. Joining Instructions will be dispatched once we have received your registration email. The content will include key timings & locations as well as the clothing and equipment list, which consists of basic safety items and nothing more technical than a compass and a cell phone.

Note: The Directing Staff will provide all attendees waterproofed OS maps of the exercise area.


There are two fee categories with a special discount to veterans of our Fan Dance and test march series. The cost for both categories is very competitive and reflective of Avalanche Endurance Event's desire to give something back to the community that so actively and passionately support our events. Please email for fee disclosure, not forgetting to mention the edition and year of any Fan Dance event you took part in for discount eligibility. The price structure isn't published for reasons of commercial protection and integrity of service.




Just wanted to ping you a note to say how impressed I was with the whole day, and particularly with the DS. We had a large group with quite a mixed ability; the DS handled this brilliantly. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think without exception, people got far more than their money's worth! So far my exposure to Avalanche Endurance has been limited to the Training Day, and this year's Winter Black Edition. However, I am totally sold on the philosophy and execution of your organisation. I look forward to taking every opportunity possible to get out with you guys in the future. Particularly in the beacons as it's on my doorstep!

Adam Sandbrook

I would just like to extend my gratitude to your team for again delivering an excellent day's Navigational Training with an underlying level of physical effort. The DS is an excellent Instructor and I personally learned a great deal that built on the foundation set on previous exercises. The students again made a great team that must be testament to the ethos and brand that is AEE. However, I don't think anyone saw the monstrous hill sprint down and touch the fence and back up again coming.

Dave Quigley

I attended my first navigation training as a complete beginner who had never used a compass before. By the end of the day I was able to find points on the map, take and travel on a bearing and find my way to the next grid reference, as well as covering varied terrain. All of which gave me the confidence to complete my first test week march 'lone wolf'. I have been very lucky to be able to have spent nav training days with three different DS, all of who are always very approachable and have been enormously helpful, not just with nav but also with hill safety, bergen packing, training etc. which has given me the skills and confidence to enjoy not only Avalanche Endurance Events, but also other adventures, both with friends and solo. The days are always fun as well as educational and it is great to spend time on the hills learning with like-minded people

Anna Cook

Dear AEE

I'd like to say a big thank you to you and your team for the exceptional training day on Saturday.The organisation was excellent, even down to the DS being made aware of my hearing difficulty. He is a truly inspirational guy and has a way of just building your confidence. The whole day has left me with a great buzz to the extent that I have struggled to sleep for a couple of nights .Perhaps it's worth putting in the safety notes these days can cause post event sleep deprivation- I jest of course. I look forwarding to meeting you in July and hopefully receiving the Fan Dance patch.

All the best to you and your team and once again many thanks

Stuart Wilde

Just wanted to thank the DS and his team for a superb nav/trg day yesterday in the Brecons. DS Nick has a really open and approachable style that I felt made us all at ease and encouraged us to participate and get the most from this opportunity. Clearly he really knows his subject in depth but being able to communicate that appropriately to our beginner/intermediate level is a skill in itself and he did this brilliantly. Right from the first briefing it was clear he had planned and prepared and the whole day flowed with direction and purpose. I have learnt loads and for me most importantly this is from theory to real practical hands on use, putting the theory into actual practice. As well as the nav and physical aspect there was of course the golden nuggets of knowledge from training ideas to admin on the hills and just being around someone who you know really 'knows' - those bits are priceless and put the small cost of the day into context. Then add the entertaining banter and stories of life experience and Selection, made for a memorable and rewarding day that will make a real difference on the hills and I can't wait for the next AEE event.

Dave Ed

My grandad had passed away shortly before my first training day with Avalanche and almost as soon as I got there the staff acknowledged this and thanked me for coming despite being bereaved which was very much appreciated and meant a lot as I think it shows that Avalanche definitely have an affinity with the folks who choose to take part in their events and training days. I have now experienced 3 EPIC training days, I have always felt welcome as a woman, and been safe and well looked after despite some pretty inclement weather. After 3 sessions even myself who has no innate sense of direction can take a bearing and stick to it and get between one point and another, and can select a better route to take should the straight bearing not be a particularly good route to take, although still lacking confidence I know I am getting better thanks to the patience of the Avalanche Directing Staff. I am hoping that within the year I will be ready to take on a solo test march; I have looked at other navigational courses online and the Avalanche days are more than half the price of the cheapest I have seen. I'd recommend them to any of my friends, male or female. I also have visible thigh muscles for the first time in my life. THANK YOU AVALANCHE.

Julie Valentine