Dates soon to be announced for Elan North & South and Ricochet Test marches. THOSE WHO DARE NOTHING…NEED HOPE FOR NOTHING….WHO DARES WINS

In the mountains of Wales something extraordinary has happened. An organisation has grown that will take you to a place where few have been. A place steeped in folklore, trodden only by the bravest of all. A place were merely to finish is worthy of the honour.

How would you withstand being in such a place?

Determination, endurance, perseverance, discipline….and heart

It is a place few will find. But for those who dare, none will fail.

Join us for the adventure & challenge of a lifetime


The SAS isn't oldest regiment in the British army by a long way but its Selection process has always been the one that offered the ultimate soldiering challenge… For almost sixty years "Selection" has been a battle of survival, leaving only a few men standing at the end who have earned the right to wear the coveted sandy coloured beret and winged dagger cloth cap badge. The image carried by all who attempt or witness Selection is this: one of broken bodies and broken dreams... Of men who are totally committed to prove that merely to finish is worthy of the honour, even if they fail while daring greatly. Recent images eerily reflect the old and despite an assault by modern technology SAS Selection has always fought back and refused to step into the modern world. Over the years the windswept slopes of the Brecon Beacons and the barren landscape of Elan Valley have provided the canvas on which the regiment's image has been created. The artisans have been coming here since the 1950's, and following on from our Fan Dance Series where we have witnessed every facet of this sometimes unforgiving but incredible march, the time has now come to venture into the business end of the Selection course and into the realms of Test Week and its six brutal and unforgiving test marches...


Welcome to Special Forces Events, the home of the UK's original and leading Special Forces Events Organisations. Our objective is simple but immense; to redefine endurance events, to rekindle a true sense of adventure and love of the outdoors, and to allow you to taste, capture, and achieve the extraordinary. Our philosophy is that true adventures and expeditions are made up of far more than distant and exotic lands, rather they lie in one's readiness to exchange domestic bliss for uncertainty. Imagine a place and occasion, somewhere in the mountains of Wales, pitted against a series of formidable challenges, with no promise of a handshake or congratulations at the most unlikely finish line in the world of endurance events…

Steeped in history, the Fan Dance and the six Test Marches have long been used in the Selection process for the SAS (Special Air Service) & (Special Boat Service). More than an event or race, they are staggering feats of human endurance and endeavour, and among the world's greatest and most pure endurance challenges. These legendary, almost mythical and primeval tests are designed to teach humility through embracing a theme of vulnerability and to recalibrate the common and diluted understanding of the terms 'hard', or 'tough.' They exist to unearth the true self and to break the boundaries of what you once might have recognised as impossible. Such challenges will never submit to comparisons or labels, they simply represent a return to nature and a deeper, stronger sense of knowing oneself better. In that they are pure, profound, beautiful, life changing and life defining. Your greatest ever adventure is now within reach. To be a part of it is to transcend the endurance event norms, to break free from self-imposed restrictions and emerge humbled yet wiser. After this, no other event will ever be the same again. There will be no going back as you too will be changed forever. Join us for the adventure of a life time and see where Avalanche Endurance Events take you.


Avalanche Endurance Events were the first and exclusively the only organisation made up of former SAS and SBS soldiers to run the Fan Dance and the complete Test March series in the UK. All of our marches follow original and authentic Test Week routes and will all be known by their original SAS Selection moniker. Further to this our Directing Staff have all served with the SAS and SBS (both Regulars and Reserves) and as such have passed the SAS and SBS Joint Selection course, a distinction that should be made between other units coming under the UK Special Forces umbrella whose Selection course is significantly shorter in duration and with markedly reduced minimum speed and weight requirements. As such our Directing Staff have unrivalled levels of expertise, physical fitness and knowledge of the mountains and the Selection routes that we operate with. There is no "playing Selection" and by undertaking any of these marches with us you can be safe in the knowledge that if things take a turn for the worse we have the assets, physical capability and expertise to keep you safe on the mountains in the most demanding of conditions. We maintain that the routes, standards, protocol and management of these Special Forces themed events will be far removed from anything else out there and as close as is safely possible to the original and authentic Special Forces Selection tests. We come from absolute experience and that is something that should never be overlooked when undertaking demanding challenges of this nature.


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